Xiao Xiao

Director of engineering productivity at Ant Group


I obtained my PhD from HKUST (advised by Charles Zhang) and Bsc from UESTC in computer science. I have broad interests in any automatic tools and methods to improve software development productivity. To name a few, I'm working on following topics:

  • Program analysis techniques to reason modern architecture software such as microservice and serverless systems
  • Binary code program analysis for mobile apps
  • Program analysis via big data and AI techniques
  • Knowledge discovery from big code
  • Productized program analysis solutions for software development infrastructure
We have jobs opening! We post three JDs right now, but all talents in program analysis, compilers, reverse engineering, web service, software data mining, and so on are highly welcome. Check out:

The salary is highly competitive and the working locations can be Hangzhou and Shenzhen. Write to me with your CV if you feel the same passion and want to join our great adventure. I will reply every job inquiry to respect your interest in us.


  1. Escaping Dependency Hell: Finding Build Dependency Errors with the Unified Dependency Graph, ISSTA 2020
    Gang Fan, Chengpeng Wang, Rongxin Wu, Xiao Xiao, Qingkai Shi, Charles Zhang
  2. SMOKE: Scalable Path-Sensitive Memory Leak Detection for Millions of Lines of Code, ICSE 2019 (ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award)
    Gang Fan, Rongxin Wu, Qingkai Shi, Xiao Xiao, Jinguo Zhou, Charles Zhang
  3. Pinpoint: Fast and Precise Sparse Value Flow Analysis for Million Lines of Code, PLDI 2018
    Qingkai Shi, Xiao Xiao, Rongxin Wu, Jinguo Zhou, Gang Fan, Charles Zhang
  4. Casper: An Efficient Approach to Call Trace Collection, POPL 2016
    Thanks very much for Prof. Tom Reps to present the paper for us.
    Rongxin Wu, Xiao Xiao, Shing-Chi Cheung, Hongyu Zhang and Charles Zhang
  5. Uncovering JavaScript Performance Code Smells Relevant to Type Mutations, APLAS 2015 [Code]
    Xiao Xiao, Shi Han, Charles Zhang and Dongmei Zhang
  6. Efficient subcubic alias analysis for COOPSLA 2014
    Qirun Zhang, Xiao Xiao, Charles Zhang, Hao Yuan, Zhendong Su
  7. Persistent Pointer InformationPLDI 2014 [Code]
    Xiao Xiao, Qirun Zhang, Jinguo Zhou, Charles Zhang
  8. Stride: Search-based Deterministic Replay in Polynomial Time via Bounded LinkageICSE 2012
    Jinguo Zhou, Xiao Xiao, and Charles Zhang
  9. Geometric Encoding: Forging the High Performance Context Sensitive Points-to Analysis for JavaISSTA 2011. You can try this algorithm with Soot by following this tutorial.
    Xiao Xiao, Charles Zhang
  10. Tracking Data Structures for Postmortem Analysis, ICSE 2011 NIER TRACK [slides]
    Xiao Xiao, Jinguo Zhou, Charles Zhang


Work Experiences


Sourcebrella | 2016 - Present
Architect and commercialize theorem proving powered static code analysis product Pinpoint to improve software quality and security. Pinpoint has been well recognized and adopted by leading ISP, financial, and software enterprises in China, such as Baidu, Tencent, Huatai securities, Huawei, TCL and etc.

Research Intern

Microsoft Research Asia | 2013

Study the Javascript performance problems due to the violation of the sweet spots of type-feedback JIT engines such as V8. The workout is a tool that can automatically point out the code snippets that caused JIT failures.

Software Developer

Baidu | 2008

My job is to recognize the searching queries that demand recent results rather than out-of-date information, such as 奥运会,电脑价格。